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Oct 28, DiskAid lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch for data storage. (which lets you choose a file or folder using a Mac OS X navigation dialog).

You are right that there is no audio input associated with an HDMI input since that is audio and video. You must log in or register to reply here.

Audio 0 Feb 2, S Solved! Audio 2 Jan 17, J Solved! Having delay issues with TV as well! Audio 1 May 19, Similar threads J. Windows 10 Audio Issues. Started by orlens. Started by johnvlang Jan 14, Replies: 2. Started by malrats Jan 11, Replies: 1. Started by fountainebill Oct 30, Replies: 3. Audio issues please help Started by gavinbarnhardt Jul 23, Replies: 4. Headset, audio working but an odd issue with my microphone arises. Started by eclisoul May 19, Replies: 1.

Post thread. Laptop Tech Support. Laptop General Discussion. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Mar 6, Feb 22, Feb 2, Jan 17, Jan 14, Jan 11, Jan 9, Dec 30, Dec 25, Nov 25, Front Panel Audio Jack Issues. Nov 21, Razer Kraken tournament edition audio issues. Nov 4, Oct 30, Logictech g headset audio issues on console and PC. It is greyed out. Any idea?

That explains why the 5. You cannot get extra 4 speakers out of 2 channels. But the reason why your box refuses to enable multi-channel setup is beyond me. I would debug the particular HDMI-input with some other device to make sure it functions properly, but I really have no clue what's going on there.

In following your steps, I get the 8-channel option, and the speaker test tones work correctly; however, the actual audio playback is only stereo this happens even with an HD local movie via Quicktime, and an HD movie via Netflix. I assume that's because the Samsung TV only has two speakers? In other words, the only way it may be possible is to get the Mac Mini to actually recognize the Yamaha.

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Any thoughts on that? Comment 1. I did a test with a QuickTime file which has 5. Not all of them have 5. The bottom line is: no issues. The sound does work as expected. I even physically disconnected my front left and right channels so, that I can confirm the quality of the sound from other channels. Still, it works like a dream. Did you confirm your audio setup on Yamaha end? Thanks for this. Now, though, I'm not sure if the following happened because I unplugged the HDMI cord and changed it to a different port or if the receiver cycles the settings every time it is shut off.

Anyways, the stutter returned and I had to repeat the steps here, but viola, all was well again. I'll report back if it was the HDMI port change or the receiver shutting off. Hopefully the former, so that I don't have to mess with these settings every time the receiver gets turned off and on.

How To Connect Your iMac or MacBook (2008) To Your HD LED TV -- MINI DVI TO HDMI

Comments 4. What you're describing is pretty much how the HDMI-output works for me. It is quite unstable and behavior cannot be easily reproduced. Anyway, hopefully your sound works properly from now on.

I tweeted to Yamaha Hub this page and suggesting that they need to roll out a firmware update to address the problem. Might be worth tossing out a tweet too.

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Don't know how seriously they look into stuff though. Do you have an URL to the tweet? I'm not sure why it works, but it does. I have a mac mini , Yamaha receiver, samsung tv. In step one I assume this is in System Preferences? I have selected outputs as Samsung. In step 2, in audi midi setup it shows the source as Samsung. I only have drop down for 2 ch 24 bit, 20 bit or 16 bit.

Mac Mini to HDMI TV | MacRumors Forums

There is no drop down for 8 or 6 channels. And nothing about encoded digital output. Yes, the sound-settings are in System Preferences. You are 2nd person to comment, that the multi-channel selection is not available. However, like I wrote in my post, I cannot even retrace my own steps. I cannot get the sound setup broken anymore, it is only in the working mode. It looks like the Mac has a life of its own and user's wishes have very little to do with that.

Yes, I have a similar problem to other commenters here.

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It's pretty crappy, to have to buy an external sound card with optical out to pass it to the amp. Can anyone else confirm my suspicion that this might be a driver problem, if so, how can it be fixed. I didn't found anything else related to this, but it's the most logical guess.

You didn't mention anything about your amp. Does your amp have any HDMi-settings in it? Now I'm confused. Your amp is connected via an optical cable to your TV? How does the picture go?

LMP Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI cable

Via HDMi? Shouldn't you try simplifying your setup? I might've expressed myself bad. So, I have the following connections: 1. PS4 - optical - AMP 2. Thanks for the clarification.

Now I understand your setup. In my opinion you're pushing the envelope here. Now that Mac is notoriously difficult to setup into multi-channel and given your complex cabling, unfortunately you're on your own there. This is the part where you break the envelope and wings start to tear off. What I'd recommend is to look for a new amp what would simplify your setup a lot. Hello I cant seem to locate the Audio Devices panel you're showing on this how-to the only panel I can locate that is the same is the Sound panel please help Comment 1.

Not "Audio Devices". Hi, Thanks for the good post to solve the problem.

How to connect your Mac to the TV: Apple TV, HDMI, and more!

I just bought EOL mini couple of days ago and I was very disappointed when noticed that multichannel sound is not working. Setup is Denon X, mini, and Optoma projector. All connected with HDMI. Mini - Denon - Optoma. I have exact same issue you had the solving goes exact same way except my setup is not yet working correctly. I changed it back 8chbit integer and I am able to get the test sound from speaker configuration for each speaker correctly.