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Oct 28, DiskAid lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch for data storage. (which lets you choose a file or folder using a Mac OS X navigation dialog).

I want a merged copy on a new layer.

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Do do Liquify or whatever. Nothing happens. Current solutions: A. If I select another visible layer, it works, but the new layer is unfortunately not above the Vibrance layer where I wanted it so I have to move it afterwards. I can create a new empty layer before hitting the shortcut.

Howdy Jonas, Yes, I do understand your example, but when a given layer is turned off, most layer-based functions are likewise turned off. This is a feature for most users to avoid unwanted adjustments to layers they've removed-but-not-deleted probably because they don't want to actually delete them.

The problem you're encountering is that the shortcut for Stamp Visible doesn't work. And that's as designed. All shortcuts function based on commands and when a layer is turned off, the commands for Merge Visible, Merge Down, and your Stamp Visible are all likewise disabled in order to protect the average user's workflow. Making changes to such a workflow could have disastrous consequences to other users, who rely on the functionality that disabled layers are generally "non-reactive".

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Does that make sense? Have a great day, David.

Howdy and thank you for the swift reply! Your explanation would make sense if "Stamp Visible" was a function that might in any way affect or depend on the selected layer it only needs it to know where to insert the new stamped layer. Following the similar reasoning the "paste"-command would also be disabled as it inserts pixels on a new layer above the currently selected layer just like Stamp Visible. I understand that behind the scenes it works differently, but from the user's point of view we are simply inserting things on a new layer.

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The fact that the layer below what we insert is hidden should not matter. Do you have an example of a workflow where the user wants to insert a flattened copy of their image on a new layer, but don't want it to happen if the currently selected layer is hidden? I have never encountered this situation myself, but many times I happen to have hidden layers in my documents that might be selected when I try to Stamp Visible.

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Hi Jonas, Actually, where to insert a layer, in this case the stamped one, is a function of what layer is selected. The function is disabled because it's part of an entire suite of commands that are disabled. And it is the entire suite of commands, rather than Stamp Visible, that I was referring to when I said it could impact users in undesired ways. A web designer, for instance, might have type layers in his document, but only 20 are visible.

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The rest are needed, but for reference rather than display. If he accidentally targets one of those layers and does a Merge Down, what happens? Do we trash his invisible data or do we merge it even though it's invisible? Your are correct, however, that your example is a little different unique even? We disable the whole suite of commands because they are generally dangerous for users in this context.

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