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Oct 28, DiskAid lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch for data storage. (which lets you choose a file or folder using a Mac OS X navigation dialog).

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Aboo macrumors a Original poster. Jul 7, Hi, I am trying to troubleshoot my network setup and hoping to get some advice on the problem.

Why is macOS Mojave slow and how to fix It

The external drive has been shared through system preferences i. The Mac Mini is acting as the "server" in my set up. My "client" is an iMac Pro. This appears to be about half the actual 10Gb bandwidth. I have jumbo frames enabled on both computers by manually changing the MTU to The switch also supports jumbo frames automatically.

How to use a Mac Mini as a file server

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong here? Sep 14, 83 18 Italy. Jan 19, London, Taipei. It 'could' be SMB packet signing, its been known to kill performance. Nov 9, 1, Honolulu HI. I have used it on a Mojave client to a Sierra server.


Your instinct might lead you towards more, but when it comes to your server, you want your disk as fast and reliable as possible. The most likely and dangerous issue you can have with your server is a drive failure. Nip that problem in the bud with the kind of storage device you choose. SSDs are ideal for servers due to their speed and low failure rate.

If your budget allows you to get either a larger hard disk drive or a smaller SSD, the solid state drive is the way to go. Both can still connect to external drives via Thunderbolt and achieve PCI-level speeds, but the internal drive should still always be the drive you boot from.

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The more speed you can get, the better. The Mac Pro comes standard with two separate Gigabit Ethernet connections, which you can bridge to create one 2Gb connection. Meanwhile, the Mac Mini comes with one Gigabit Ethernet, which can instead be upgraded to a 10Gb connection.

Obviously, less is better, but the shape matters as well.

The Mac Mini was made to fit on a server rack. The Mac Pro is small, but its unique shape makes it hard to fit in with other technology.

That being said, even the Mac Pro takes up far less space than previous generation. Not to mention, it looks great.

NetBoot runs real slow on client computers

Though the price tag is a bit steep, it should last for seven years or more with its easily replaceable parts. But the Mac Pro is really only for power users.

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If you've thought of buying a Mac Pro, you may want to reconsider. Read More before you spend the cash. For cost-effectiveness: For less than half the price of the Mac Pro, you can get a powerful server in the Mac Mini.

Headless Mac Mini: SLOOOOOOOW! | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Now that you have your new Mac server, what are you going to do with it? Read More , which will give you some ideas. Your email address will not be published. This is really like asking which Porsche is best for hauling cargo.

Why is my Internet so slow?

That machine probably doesn't need MacOS though. The normal strategy for just about everything is to run some or other Hypervisor Vmware, Hyper-V, Xen and then break our server needs down in to as many guest server instances or application containers as our hardware can support, just to maximize our ability to use the space in a datacenter.

Top Deals. Which Mac Makes the Best Server? Tim Chawaga April 19, 5 minutes.

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