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Oct 28, DiskAid lets you use your iPhone or iPod touch for data storage. (which lets you choose a file or folder using a Mac OS X navigation dialog).

Change or ignore misspelled words, as desired, when the Spelling dialog box displays a suspected misspelling. Spell check the entire document. A warning message displays indicating that the operation resets the spelling and grammar checker so that Word will recheck words you previously checked.

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Spell check rechecks the document. Randall Blackburn has worked for several Fortune companies as a technical writer over the past seven years. He has produced a wide variety of technical documentation, including detailed programming specifications and research papers. Randall has also acquired several years' experience writing web content. Randall lives and works in Austin, TX.

Skip to main content. New Custom Dictionary 1. Reset for Single Document 1. It's been showing a history of misspelled words for many versions now. Only offer "Dansk" spell check language - not "Dansk Danmark ". Spellcheck menu loses selection with :hover will-change transform set on parent.

Spelling and Grammar Autocorrect Settings Word 2011 MAC

Consider integrating Chromium's changes to Hunspell. Spellcheck shouldn't be setting up whole-document ranges. Remove the sync IPC used for spell checking words.

Setting Spell Check Options in PowerPoint for Mac

Enabling design Mode makes images surrounded by text appear selected. Spellchecker: unknown words referred to as "misspelled"; should be "unknown or misspelled". Spell checker checks signature. Universal Personal Dictionary Path. Spell checker should skip recipients names appearing in mail body.

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  4. Spell check: Lower case of first letter should be ignored following hyphen. Expand in-line spelling to include autocorrect. Unintuitive check spelling dialog. Share spelling dictionaries with Open Office and other apps. Words added to the personal dictionary are not suggested for misspelled words.

    Spell checker designed to write documents, not edit forms doesn't like html, bbcode, etc. Cocoa textfields with spellchecking are very slow.

    Spell checker needs an "ignore all" command. Spellchecker doesn't check word if surrounding phrase of text is deleted.

    Check spelling as you type

    Remove dead code from the spellchecker. Allow language switching for spell checker when changing the OS's input locale. Ability to mark a valid spelling as wrong. Thesaurus Request.

    How to Reset Microsoft Word's Spelling & Grammar Check

    Spelling suggestions don't activate when anchor is at the beginning of a misspelled word. Alternate spellcheck UI with a dialog show one misspelled word at a time; "Change All" button. Spell checking should allow for word groups, abbreviations, hyphenated words. Spell checker should always check words that are displayed on screen. Scrolling in Dictionary editor shows blank lines instead of words.

    Find spellchecker dictionaries by environment variable. Spell Check single character. Feature request: Spell check options to ignore capitals and digits, and hyperlinks. Mozilla should have a grammar checker. Spellcheck accesses computed style on nodes outside the document. Support for marking foreign words as misspelled but in "supplementary" dictionary.

    Dictionaries for other installed locales not offered for OS X spell checker. Contractions like Couldn't are shown as misspelled in rich-text editing until you change line.

    mac word spell check error

    Custom Dictionary load failure after editing persdict. Hunspell doesn't recognize misspelled words if they are in different encoding. Spellchecker should allow several language dictionaries at the same time. In editable iframe, spellcheck runs headings together with following text. Spell checker doesn't catch any error with numbers inside words. Spell check underlines spaces when spacing in front of a misspelled word. Figure out the right name dictionary for spell checker. Add keyboard shortcuts for correcting spelling. Spell check suggestions are not very effective; needs Levenshtein Edit Distance.

    Spell check ignored word remains underlined. Spell check incorrectly merges words across tags. Consider using revocable events to schedule spell check jobs, and kill the old event when issuing a new one. Spell checker thinks "de-emphasize" is a misspelling.

    Google Chrome Spell Checker Still Isn’t Working

    Tie spellchecker language interface into new language tag master list. Consider dropping spell checker hash on memory-pressure notification. Investigate reducing calls to malloc from hunspell. Spelling suggestions for mixed case words in dictionary. Separate personal dictionary per language. Stop spell checking nodes which do not have rendering. Setting to change spell-check language is not very discoverable. Spellcheck textareas without focus.

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    Can't use spellchecker when right click is disabled. Spell Checker does not replace the wrong spelling with the right one. German dictionary fails with abbreviations. RFE: auto suggest list of words while typing. Automatic language detection for the spell checker from user input.